Protect your boiler with our three great cover plans

It goes without saying that ensuring your boiler is in top condition is a good move for your own peace of mind.
An affordable boiler service contract will give you peace of mind, will save you money in the long term, and regular maintenance can help your boiler work more efficiently and reduce the likelihood of emergencies in the future.

Heatguard – in association with hiflow – have produced a range of Service Contracts to suit a variety of needs, whether you only want basic cover for your boiler, or more peace of mind that comes from full cover and maintenance.

Our Heatguard range of Service Contracts can help you avoid the unexpected cost of gas heating breakdowns & the associated stress & hassle.

With the added peace of mind of an Annual Safety & Efficiency check –  its a win win situation.

Protect your boiler with one of our 3 great Service Contracts.

Heatguard Service
Boiler Service Only & Access to hiflow Call Centre & Priority Service – Where you have a new boiler with an extended warranty.

Heatguard Extra
Boiler Service with radiator cover & Access to hiflow Call Centre & Priority Service – Again where you have had a new boiler fitted with an extended warranty – but feel you want to also cover your radiators.

Heatguard Max
Full system cover – including Annual Service & all of above.